Thursday, May 5, 2016

Matt Chamberlain - Comet B (2016)

Matt Chamberlain is the musician's musician as well as the musician's musician's musician. Well, you get the picture. The guy has played a vital role in so many collaborations that his own website can't keep track! His overwhelming resume includes, among others, Bill Frisell, Robert Fripp, Pearl Jam (just a short stint), Fiona Apple, Critters Bugging', Soundgarden, the Wallflowers... aaaaargh IT'S JUST TOO MANY! The list is practically endless...

Comet B is the versatile drummer's latest output under his name. I won't lie, this to me was the single most anticipated album of the year and the best insofar. The vibes dispersed throughout showcase Matt's sensitivities and I would label the effort as ultimately-groovy-modern-traditional-music (no hashtags) or ancient-turntablism-in-space (still no hashtags). There are some shamelessly (while meticulously) combined sounds that would otherwise take me by surprise (i.e. mellotron vs. lap steel). Alas it's all so natural! It shall be no exaggeration to say that Comet B contains some of his finest compositions so far (and the bar had already been set high).

Somewhere here is where I would like to note that what I love most about Matt is his drums sound. Yeah he is a monster anyway, among the finest and most eclectic too but, what is really inimitable is the warm welcome of that snare drum, or his bass drum roar. You will just have to delve into it. Roll with it. And make sure you let the music take you wherever and whenever it is supposed to take you. 


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