Sunday, May 1, 2016

AOVL - Absence of Visible Light (2016)

I'm back! And boy do I bring good stuff! Here's to breaking my silence with a release that's the next best thing to... silence. AOVL, standing for Absence of Visible Light, is the brain product of CJ Larsgården of Yrsel fame (that doom/ambient outfit). 

What's on here is dark, engaging and ritualistic drone designed to help explore those distant chambers in your head. The context is being kept relatively minimal, and by that open to individualistic interpretation. Whichever your purpose in life, lo!, sign up for a cathartic experience.

As ever, mere words won't describe what this release has to offer, so to wrap up, there are plenty of choices for you to follow and celebrate. You may order the tape version by Do you Dream of Noise?. If so, I'll be a clicksaver, it's right here. Note that AOVL is the very first release by the label, limited to 50 copies.

Or you might be the anti-materialistic type and maybe in this case you'd just love to support the artist. Awesome! Here's the bc page. And last, but certainly not least, you may just want to sense the flavour, or let the music travel you a bit say, on your up and coming train trip. Thus, you may stream here.

Spread the word!!

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