Saturday, June 3, 2017

Yolk - Solar [2017] France

Another beast of its own, Yolk is an example of the unease entity that refuses to settle. Multiverses of influences are molded into Yolk's own, with the range extending from Art Bears to Magma to Sleepytime Gorilla to GYBE! to Gong to Yolk. Odd time signatures, pounding riffs, balkan grooves, psychedelic landscapes and Delphine Delegorgue's out-there, psychotic, inviting, captivating vocals might give a premature picture. Plus, Valentin Carette's guitar playing and approach is phenomenal as usual. The guy is a genious!

Solar is similar to the band's eponymous as well as last year's "You Decide". I find it less direct and more sophisticated than the 1st and definitely less obscure, a tad lighter if you will than the 2nd. Probably due to its long compositions, Solar expands on Yolk's qualities and the songs take their time into the listener's subconscious. I hate to admit it, but this is also an album to dance to. I've tried it and it works!


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