Saturday, August 22, 2015

Archaeopteryx Ultraavantgarda - Vol. 1 (2012)

Archaeopteryx Ultraavantgarda is an ensemble waving from Asturias, Spain. Their sound is tres minimale, avanto-retro-futuristique, the vision is meta-pre-post apocalyptique, the smell is that of pure reek and the meaning is non-existent. This will appeal to all those self-proclaimed individualists with no sense of humour. Or not. Dislike! Disengage, you heartless robot!

Seriously, my first post on this blog concerns this very recording, because it epitomises my views on avantgarde music, whichever the subgenre. Spontaneity, grimness, light-heartedness, some legal dose of (post) punk/metal/core and an occasional awkwardness is what I am looking for. Add some non-conventional instrumentation and the cheesy keyboards to get the full picture. Anything except polka will do. Also, the lo-fi drumming at parts is pure genius. Pick your side, I absolutely love it! 

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